The course will teach you the practical skills of coaching and will also introduce you to the science that supports these skills. This means that during the course you will be exposed to the latest thinking from fields such as Positive Psychology, Neuroscience, Self Determination Theory, Interpersonal Dynamics and you will be taught how to use this knowledge in your coaching conversations. You will complete the course having gained a new range of skills and a deeper knowledge to ensure your coaches can function at their optimal level.


The course is provided over a sixteen day period. With the content being aligned with the International Coach Federation’s core competencies.


On successful completion of this subject, the students have:

  1. Knowledge of approaches, methods, tools, guidelines and standards of coaching/managerial coaching
  2. Development of practical coaching skills and tools
  3. Development of communications skills, self-awareness and self-management for being a successful coach/managerial coach
  4. Overview of coaching topics as well as specialty in managerial coaching
  5. Practical steps for starting to coach within one’s own organisation

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